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Terms & Conditions

Sponsorship and Exhibition Space 

Terms and conditions regarding sponsorship and exhibition space


1.1 In these terms and conditions, the following terms have the following meanings:

  • “Company” The employer of the Delegate as named on the booking form
  • “Sponsor” The employer of the Sponsor as named on the agreement/invoice
  • “Exhibitor” The employer of the Exhibitor as named on the invoice
  • “Delegate” is Any person who attends Manchester Digital events
  • “Event” All Manchester Digital events
  • “Organiser” Manchester Digital
  • “Package” The facilities and opportunities offered during the Event

Law and Jurisdiction


Applications to attend an Event

3.参加活动的申请必须通过十大网博靠谱平台数字网站和EventBrite在线注册页面进行,或者通过十大网博靠谱平台数字代表的个人邀请进行. No alterations to these terms and conditions can be accepted without the written consent of the Organiser.


4.1 The event will include all the facilities more specifically set out in the booking.


4.3 Travel and hotel accommodation are not included in the booking. The organiser will not accept invoices or charges relating to delegate's travel, accommodation and other expenses.

Contract and Termination

5.1 On the acceptance of the official sponsorship agreement form or online booking by the Organiser, a contract relating to the Event will exist between the Organiser and the Company. In case of non-payment of any sum due from the Company, whether legally demanded or not, or of the breach, or non-observance, by the Company or the Delegate of any of these terms and conditions, or any regulations to be observed by the Company or the Delegate, 主办方将有权终止合同,并拒绝代表的通行证或出席活动,但不影响收回公司应付的所有款项和对其的所有其他索赔的权利, and any loss or damage sustained by the Organiser.

Withdrawal or Cancellation by Company Delegate and substitution policy

6.公司和/或代表的任何退出或取消通知必须以书面形式发送给主办方. 主办单位收到书面通知后,将视为已取消活动.

6.2 The withdrawal of sponsorship/stands causes the organiser's loss of earnings and therefore, we do not issue refunds once payment has been made.

6.3 If a cancellation is received in writing more than 30 days before the event, 代表可以要求十大网博靠谱平台数字公司为未来举办的活动提供全额信用凭证或其付款的50%.

6.4 Cancellations received 30 days or less from the 1st day of the event will be liable for the full fee.

6.5 The Organiser reserves the right to alter or cancel the Event without notice (including substitution, alternation or cancellation of the event program, speakers, topics, (日期和地点)主办单位不负责因活动更改而造成的任何损失或损害.

6.7 If the Organiser cancels an event, 在取消日期收到的款项将被记入未来活动的出席人数,或者在重新安排的日期推迟的情况下. All credit notes remain valid for twelve months unless otherwise agreed.

6.在被认为合理的情况下,十大网博靠谱平台数字公司保留拒绝或驱逐代表入场的权利, due to concerns regarding health and safety, security, or environmental concerns), and may on occasion conduct security searches and or health checks to ensure the safety of delegates. 代表也可能因表现出反社会行为或拒绝接受搜身或健康检查而被拒绝入场或驱逐出会场. No refunds will be offered to delegates who are refused entry or who are ejected in these circumstances.

6.8 If either Government restrictions, or Manchester Digital’s own health & safety assessment, mean that the event cannot go ahead as a physical event on the dates planned, we will transfer the event into a virtual format. 我们使用的平台允许在虚拟世界中享受与现实世界相同的功能和好处, from the safety and comfort of your own home. Should this eventuality come to pass, your ticket will be automatically transferred to the virtual event.

Payment terms

7.1 Full payment is due upon receipt of invoice.



7.4 Once a delegate booking is complete, no future promotional offers can be used in conjunction with the original booking, as and where applicable.

7.5 This clause does not invalidate the delegate's obligation under clause 6.

Postponement, abandonment or speaker cancellation


If by rearrangement or postponement of the period of the Event, or by substitution of another venue for the holding of the Event, or any other reasonable manner, the Event can take place, the contract between the Organiser and the Company shall remain in force.

8.如主办单位必须更改活动计划的内容或时间或任何发言人的身份, for any reason whatsoever; the organiser is not liable to refund delegate fees or pay for additional costs incurred by delegates attending the event.


9.1 The Organiser is not responsible for the safety of any property of the Company or Delegate, or for its loss, damage or destruction or for any loss or damage sustained by the Company or the Delegate, in each case for any reason whatsoever. 主办单位对因活动延期或放弃而产生的任何后果概不负责. 公司应自行投保所有责任和风险,以及代表因任何原因不出席.

Fire Precautions


Information and Copyright

11.主办单位就其所知及所相信的任何活动所提供的资料均属准确, 但不构成主办方的任何保证或声明,该等信息的任何不准确或错误或遗漏均不应使公司有权取消其预订.

11.2 Unless stated otherwise, all information and data relating to the Event, which is supplied by the Organiser to the Delegate, is for use by that Delegate only, is the copyright of the Organiser and cannot be passed on to any third party for any purpose.


12.1 The Organisers reserve the right to exclude or remove from the Event any person whose presence, in the opinion of the Organisers, 是否或可能不受欢迎,或可能危及其他代表或工作人员的安全和福祉.

Please also see the event Covid Policy.

Company Statement

Our platforms are dedicated to providing a 'safe place' for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, religion (or lack thereof), or technology choices. 我们不能容忍任何形式的骚扰我们平台的任何成员以及我们的虚拟和现场活动的参与者. Sexual language and imagery is not appropriate for any business community or fesival, including talks, workshops, Twitter and other online media. 违反这些规则的会员和音乐节参与者可能会被十大网博靠谱平台数字酌情处罚或驱逐出平台或会议,且不退款.

At Manchester Digital we are an inclusive community. All members, attendees of our virtual and live events, speakers, sponsors and volunteers are required to agree with the following. In being part of our community you should always conduct yourself professionally. Be kind, respectful, inclusive to all members. Therefore we ask you to respect everyone’s privacy.

Nobody should ever feel excluded based on their race, gender, gender identity, or gender expression, age, sexual orientation, religion, disability or medical condition.

Should anyone violate our code of conduct or anything noted above, 十大网博靠谱平台数字将立即永久地删除您作为我们社区成员或虚拟/现场活动参与者的身份. We operate a zero tolerance policy.

By signing up to any Event, including sponsorship or exhibition, 您同意并同意本声明,并理解任何与本声明相矛盾的行为或行动将导致我被撤职.

Manchester Digital is the voice of Greater Manchester’s tech and digital sector.


我们通过会员独立资助,我们代表了整个生态系统,业务类型广泛, models, sizes and capabilities making up our community.