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Digital Her: Inspiring girls to strive, supporting women to thrive 

Software developer continues to be the most in demand job role in tech. However, the dial on diversity of our tech teams still isn’t shifting fast enough or far enough. 

Lead the change. Join the Mission. 

Our dedicated Digital Her Apprenticeship Programme for Software Development will support and nurture more women into hard to recruit software development technical roles, while providing a supportive environment for their growth and success.

Despite the growing demand for diverse talent in the tech sector, women remain underrepresented in technical roles. 

The Digital Her Apprenticeship programme will launch this summer, offering comprehensive training in software development over 18 months alongside mentoring, coaching and support designed specifically to develop the skills and professional confidence women need early in their careers to be successful and progress rapidly in their career as experts in their field.

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Supporting your business

This programme will also assist your business and tech teams. We'll: 

  • Facilitate your business to build an inclusive culture
  • Delivery workshops twice a year for your wider team creating awareness of allyship
  • Create a trailblazer community peer group for managers and likeminded employers committed to investing in this programme. 

Lead the change

Work with us to upskill an existing woman in your organisation or hire new female talent into the business. 

What is the Digital Her Apprenticeship?

  • A dedicated Level 4 apprenticeship for female software developers to thrive, not just survive
  • High quality technical training
  • Wrap around support, additional training and development bespoke to the barriers and challenges women in tech face
  • Anchored to the Digital Her community network support  

What does the programme look like?

  • 18 month programme 
  • Induction & ‘get ready technical fundamentals training (2 weeks)
  • Technical training & professional competencies units. 
  • 2-3 day technical units every 4-6 weeks
  • Supportive progress review meetings for the apprentice, line manager and dedicated skills coach every 8 weeks
  • Digital Her Connects events run throughout the Digital Her Community to support apprentices with allyship and networking
  • Delivery will be in person